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Lastest Projects

OpenCV Python Projects

Learning OpenCV has been very exciting. Previously I did some face detection works with MATLAB, but OpenCV literally opened the door of thousands of exciting image processing projects for me. Finally, I can implement my computer vision dreams in my Robots!

Self Parking Car

Parking a vehicle at a tight space has been a bugbear for every driver. Also, searching for a free parking space kills valuable time. Some commercially available cars have this unique feature installed in their vehicles, but what if we can install an inexpensive auto parking feature in our own car? In this project…

Autonomous GPS Guided Rover

This work contains the development and implementation of an autonomous GPS (Global Positioning System) guided rover. This rover is under development and currently it can track three predefined GPS Coordinates. It can successfully find its current GPS location using an Ublox Neo M8N module.

My image processing projects (MATLAB)

I am a beginner in image processing projects and currently I am focusing on MATLAB based face detection, face recognition and face tracking. Here, I will post my image processing projects and MATLAB codes.

Leo the Pet Cat

The first version of “Sony Aibo Robot (1999)” attracted me towards robotics at the age of four, ever-since, it was my dream to make a pet robot for me. The classic ultra expensive flagship Aibo robots always exceeded my budget, so i came up with “Leo: the Pet Cat” which can be built at home at a low budget…

Fixed Wing UAV for Precision Agriculture

This is an 8 foot wingspan Styrofoam fixed wing aircraft that I used in my UAV based precision agriculture project. This aircraft is capable of carrying up to 4500 grams of payload. I have optimized the weight and electronics in this aircraft to increase the flight time up to 1 hour 20 minutes with only one 5000 mAH 4S Lipo battery. The frame of the aircraft weights 1200 grams without the electronics. I will upload the details soon.

RC Hobby Projects

RC Aircraft I built


Part of the amazing team of RC hobbyists I left back in Bangladesh! (Me on the 2nd from left)

Robots that I have built so far!

Corby (Year: 2009)

Corby was probably my first ever DIY robot with sensing capabilities. If I remember correctly, I built it in 2009 when I was 13 years old. Back then, microcontrollers were not available in my country, Bangladesh. Therefore I used to build non-programmable robots and design custom circuits for each robot.

Corby was a Light Following Robot using L293D Motor Driver, BC548 Transistors and Light Dependent Registors (LDRs). I drew the circuit schematic in my circuit-book. I will soon design it in tinkercad and upload the circuit diargam here.

Building robot from scratch at my Tinker-Laboratory

Robo Sapiens-I (Year: 2012)

Robo Sapiens-1 was my first humanoid robot. It was a radio-controlled 6 Degrees of Freedom robot. I built this robot for the “2012 Farm Fresh DCSC Science Fest” organized by Dhaka College Science Club, Dhaka. Surprisingly, Robo Sapiens-1 became the Champion in the Project Show category and I got an opportunity to welcome the Chief Guest, the former Food Minister of Bangladesh, with my robot. This was covered by local online news portals. 

Robo Sapiens-I welcoming the chief guest with flowers, image featured in local online news

Young myself with Robo Sapiens-I (Left); Robot with the Champion’s Trophy (Right)

Building Robo Sapiens-II at home

Robo Sapiens-II (2015)

Robo Sapiens-II is inspired from Robo Sapiens-I. This was my first robot with 4 Degrees of Freedom arms, totaling a 10 Degrees of Freedom  configuration. I used PVC plastic sheet and PVC pipe to build the structure of the robot. Exoskeleton control system was used to control the robot remotely. This robot received the 1st prize in “Robot Show” category at 2015 DCSC Science Fest organized by Dhaka College Science Club.

Robo Sapiens-III

I built the last version of Robo Sapiens in 2019. I used this robot as a STEM education platform for my Robotics students at Bangladesh Science Academy. It is a 10 DOF humanoid robot with multiple sensors. I used this robot to teach C++ programming language to school level students (4th grade – 10th grade) in a easier and more practical way. My students used to program the servos and sensors of this robot and were able to visualize the effect of their codes with the robot. I used PVC plastic sheet to make the structure of the robot, used table tennis balls to make the eyes and an Arduino Mega as the microcontroller.

A group of my students in my workshop “Robotics for Kids” at Bangladesh Science Academy.

My First Quadruped (Year: 2017)