Leo the Pet Cat (Project)

The first version of “Sony Aibo Robot (1999)” attracted me towards robotics at the age of four, ever-since, it was my dream to make a pet robot for me. The classic ultra expensive flagship Aibo robots always exceeded my budget, so i came up with “Leo: the Pet Cat” which can be built at home at a low budget. I was inspired by the projects “KITtyBot” and “OpenCat” and combined these two projects with some spice of my own. 

The robot has been developed for more than six months. Currently the robot is semi-autonomous and it has 16 functions.  An instructables article has been published on the first bluetooth controlled version of the robot.

Here is the link: https://www.instructables.com/id/Leo-the-Pet-Cat/

The codes and other documents of the final version will be soon available in this website.

The first prototype