Comparative Analysis of a Bifacial and a Polycrystalline Solar Cell Device Performances By Optimizing Effective Parameters Using PC1D (Conference Paper)

8th International Conference on Smart Grid and Clean Energy Technologies ICSGCE 2020 (In Press)

AbstractCarbon Nanotube is one of the most emerging technologies for the development and growth of nano-scaled transistors. This paper deals with the impact of channel length and dielectric constant on Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor (CNT-FET) in order to evaluate the device performance. The effect of dielectric constant has been deeply investigated in the work. The main focus of our work is to lower the channel length of a single-wall Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor without sacrificing the performance of the device. Three key non-ballistic effects: elastic scattering, strain effect and tunneling effect have been taken into consideration. At first, we chose an n-type single-wall Carbon Nanotube (SWNT) Field Effect Transistor and measured the Degree of Ballisticity (DOB) under different channel lengths. Then the effect of dielectric constant was considered and we measured non-ballistic current under different channel lengths. It has been found that the non-ballistic current increases with the increment of dielectric constant. Finally we concluded that after reducing the channel length, we get constant degree of ballisticity by increasing dielectric constant.