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Hi! I’m Murad Mehrab Abrar,

I am a roboticist, RC hobby enthusiast, and a Graduate Researcher. I am keen to conduct research in the areas of robotics, mechatronics, and Artificial Intelligence – focusing on autonomous vehicle secure navigation and perception, legged locomotion, connected flying robots, and underwater robotics.

As a Graduate Researcher, I have research experience in the fields of robotics, autonomous vehicles, navigation and perception security, machine learning, and vehicle modeling. My technical skill set includes Python, C++, Matlab, microcontrollers (Arduino and compatible platforms), microprocessors (Raspberry Pi, Jetson), precision soldering, and electro-mechanical hardware/ software integration. I have experience in technical writing, with a few publications as the lead author.

This website contains my academic projects, hobby projects, and research works. I am using this website as a repository of my learning process and an open-source platform to share the details of my projects and research.


Paper accepted at AICCSA 2023

Figure: Experimental setup of a laser pointer attack on the depth camera of QCar autonomous vehicle testbed

My paper titled “An Anomaly Behavior Analysis Framework for Securing Autonomous Vehicle Perception” has been accepted at the ACS/IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications (IEEE AICCSA 2023). This work was funded by NSF. I am the lead author of this paper and my research was supervised by Dr. Salim Hariri. 

In this paper, I have developed a software algorithm based on Anomaly Behavior Analysis to detect perception sensor anomalies and cyber-attacks in autonomous vehicles. The performances of the framework were evaluated on real-world datasets collected from a laser attack experiment on the QCar autonomous vehicle testbed. 

Paper accepted at IEEE ICMLA 2023

Figure: Quantized Transformer Language Model Implementations Framework

Our paper titled “Quantized Transformer Language Model Implementations on Edge Devices” has been accepted at the IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications (IEEE ICMLA 2023). This paper provided a comparative performance and resource usage analysis of BERT Large and its lightweight variant, MobileBERT on resource-constrained devices, like Raspberry Pi.

I co-authored this paper where I worked on the current sensing hardware and software to accurately estimate the power consumption and performance estimation by various Raspberry Pi devices.

Presented Research Poster in NSF Center of Cloud and Autonomic Computing's (NSF-CAC) Semi Annual Meeting at The University of North Texas, November 2022

Got featured in the University of Arizona Department of ECE's display TV!

I work as a Mentor for the Proactive Cybersecurity Training (PACT), and Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) programs at the University of Arizona. Here, I introduce undergraduates, minorities, and female students to my research area (Autonomous Systems and Cybersecurity) and help them in reading research papers and initiating projects. My mentorship work during Summer 2022 was featured in my department’s display TV! 

Received Graduate Research Assistantship at the University of Arizona (2021 - 2023)

Presented Research Paper at ICCTA 2020

Received "Best Presenter Award" at IEEE UEMCON 2020

Previous Works